Welcome to our Convective Organization Modeling through numErics and Theory (COMET) research group homepage. The main goal of our research is to study the fundamental mechanisms for convective organization by conducting high-resolution convection-permitting simulations, developing idealized theoretical models, and using observational data for comparison.

We are aimed at answering several grand challenging questions related to convective organization. For example, What is the dominant mechanism for the initiation, upscale growth, propagation, and dissipation of convective organization in the tropics and midlatitudes? How can we improve their representation in weather and climate forecasts? Should we expect any changes in these processes under warming?

Recent News (scroll down for more)

  • October 28, 2023: Welcome Huaiping Wang to join our group as a 2024 class PhD graduate student! She is expected to get a physics B.S. degree next year. She has a keen interest in studying the fundamental interaction mechanisms between MCSs and large-scale environments. (check out all our group members here)
  • August 5, 2022: Qiu Yang will serve as an associate editor for Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, starting from September 1st, 2022!